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Monday, April 20, 2009

In Memoriam: Banshee

Image Copyright Sharon Boggon, fabric artist/Web designer extraordinaire*

For those of you who know, La Casa de Los Gatos was established so that its inhabitants could, among other things, pay full attention to the joy that is Cats.

We regret to announce that joy is somewhat diminished as of Saturday, April 18th. Our good friend Lizzy of the blog 922 Cats saw one of her 922 — Banshee the Elusive and Beautiful — off on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

All dogs go to heaven, it is said. What is less well known is that all OTHER critters also go to heaven. Humans have intent, and memories, and willful behaviour. Animals do not. They may remember, but are not ruled by, the past; and they do not speculate about the future. Theirs is an eternal Zen-like now. So we know that although Banshee the Beautiful knew that she was greatly loved, when her time came to go, she went, and did not worry about what lay ahead or those she left behind. This memoriam is for those who will miss her.

She lived with Lizzy for fourteen years, though she was older when she left. So Lizzy mourns her, and as Friends of Lizzy, we mourn her too. Enjoy what lies beyond, little kitty! Long may you nap in sunbeams, and may every flower fill your air with sweet scent. Beyond the rainbow bridge, where the mice are fat and the birds are lazy, and you don't have to share your Fancy Feast with anyone, wait for us all to join you someday.

In Memoriam, Banshee D.
?/1995 - 04/18/2009

*Sharon Boggon's beautiful work — and fundraising activities — may be viewed here. The image credited to Sharon Boggon may not be reproduced without her permission.

Note the tiny face of Banshee hidden in this beautiful example of Crazy Quilting created by Sharon Boggon. She sits at the peak of a triangle with its endpoints at the golden butterfly and a collection of three buttons. Like Banshee herself, she is elusive and very difficult to see!

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At 9:46 AM, Blogger Lizzy said...

Thank you, so much - tears are streaming down but I'm smiling at the beautiful art (tiny little sweet face!) and the beautiful words and images...

At 11:10 AM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Finding that image of Banshee so unexpectedly made one thing clear to me. I am charged by her to make sure you're OK. Crying is good. Tears are good. But forgive me, I must make myself pestiferous in checking up on you. Fond hugs and consoling pats, tpc


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