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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Entertainment: Today's Attack of Teh Ghey

From the funny people at Funny or Die:

Okay, we know those NOM-able Nitwits at NOM (National Overseers of Marriage) are getting their naughty bits in a twist because all over the nation people are saying, "We don't care, already!" Most of us really don't care what other people do with their naughty bits unless it affects us directly, like, say, they come into our house and do it on our good couch. Or our lawn. Or with our spouse. We don't even care if they're doing it with our sister, brother, mother, or neighbour. But not our underage kid, or our dog. That's all we ask.

You know why? Because we don't want THEM getting all excited about what we do with OUR naughty bits, that's why. Nobody has straight, missionary-position sex any more, not since the fifties, and maybe not even then. Maybe Mormons. Orthodox Jews. What are they, two per cent of the population?

The remaining 98 per cent of us enjoy all kinds of naughty stuff. Girl-on-girl, boy-on-boy, chicken feathers, plastic toys, scented oils, bondage gear, crotchless undies, whatever. And we want to get our naughty on without other people scanning our bedrooms with their binoculars and video cams, OK?

So get with the program already. As long as it's consenting adults and no one's being forced or hurt, we really should be supportive of people who love each other having the right to publicly declare their love for each other. And bless George Takei for his lengthy struggle for equality!

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