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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Politics: So Much For

Our "shared Judaeo-Christian values." The WaPoo is reporting that the FBI investigation of Army Engineer David Tenenbaum was racially (religiously?) motivated.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Beck, Detroit Free Press

In other words, Tenenbaum was targeted because he is a practising Jew. Of course, it took the Pentagon 11 long years to exonerate the man. Eleven years of living under suspicion with the FBI tailing you, the press reporting it, and the nutbags crawling out of the woodwork to threaten your, and your family's, lives.

Does the right hand know in whose pants the left hand is rummaging? Half our congresscritters are owned body and soul by the rabid Likudnik hawks of AIPAC; yet our military and our intelligence agencies, while failing to unearth the recipients of AIPAC largesse, are running around harrassing ye regular olde citizenry.

Joe LIEberwhore is pole-dancing to AIPAC's tune, putting Israeli hawks' interests before those of his constituents' and being invited to speak at the Republican convention. Mr. Tenenbaum, a man with little power or influence and no lobbyist money connections, is followed, threatened, searched, harassed, and spied upon. The effrontery of the officials conducting the surveillance of Mr. Tenenbaum is shocking:
The examiner also threatened him, Tenenbaum said. " 'I want you to confess,' he was yelling at me," he recalled. "I've done other Jews before and gotten them to confess, and I'll get you, too."
What the fuck is this, the Third Reich reborn? Where do these people get off with comments like this?

Somebody needs a few whups upside the head with La Casa de Los Gatos' trademarked Golden Bat o'Clue. So hawkish AIPAC Jews with money get their ass kissed by all and sundry and religious practising ordinary Jews with no money or power get the third degree? Muslims who happen to be members of the Saudi Royal Family get their money laundered by the current Idiot-in-Chief's uncle, but Muslims who happen to be powerless ordinary guys get dragged into the White House interrogation chamber for roughing up and questioning because they're using an iPod?

Mr. Tenenbaum better get a nice long letter of apology from the fucking schmucks who have made his life a hell. And we the people need to crack down on these various "authorities" who are making all our lives hell, shooting our dogs and our wives, tasing our children and our friends, and sending our neigbours and our relatives to die in pointless foreign wars.

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At 8:16 PM, Blogger Chuck Butcher said...

WE are scared little puppies and blame/harrass the other, the different. Two hundred and forty some years ago a different breed led, they'd have hung or shot this bunch...but such talk is now "incorrect."

At 11:29 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

You know what? Fuck correct and incorrect. I am so fucking ready to hang and shoot this bunch of schmucks. Damn! I'm sick of this shit, sick!

Um, back to y'all's regular programming now.


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