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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Civil Rights: So This Is How Low We've Sunk

Ohio again. Goddammit, Ohio! What the holy perforated fuck is wrong with you? Are you a state full of goons and thugs? Hope Steffey. Tarika Wilson. Just last week, you tasered Denise Harris, a 50-year-old blind diabetic cancer patient after kicking her door in.

And now, this? If it's not already glaringly obvious to everyone on the planet that the war in Iraq has zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing to do with our rights and freedoms and everything to do with Commander Codpiece's overweening sense of entitlement, it looks like we can certainly count on Ohio to set the record straight, huh?

How the hell did y'all manage to elect a progressive like Dennis Kucinich for your Rep? Ah, what the hell. You owe the rest of the country big time for that viper, Mean Jean Schmidt and that revolting blubberer John "Boner" Boehner.

But really, you gotta cut out these weekly assaults on the citizenry. And what is with your poor choice of victims? Don't you know if you're gonna turn the tasers on people you want to be sure you pick (1) minorities (2) preferably male (3) preferably poor or working class (4) preferably armed (5) preferably with a criminal record?

And stop videotaping this shit. Seriously. It's time to grow some brains and some sense of civic duty and quit kicking the crap out of elderly religious types and blond middle-class housewives that you outweigh by 100 lbs. or more. Or, worse yet, blind diabetic cancer patients.

Today's blot on Ohio's good name is brought to you by security guards at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. Hey, wait a minute. What the fuck? Security guards? They're not even cops and they get to beat the crap out of the citizenry? Shouldn't we have the crap beat out of us by people that we're paying for the privilege?

Wait. It gets better. The good Reverend Al Poisson had been out shopping with his son and 6-year-old grandson when some unnamed third party was injured under unexplained circumstances. The good Reverend decided to take his duty of Christian charity seriously and visit the injured man in the hospital, taking his kid and grandkid with him. While he was visiting the injured man, the good Reverend teased one of the armed thugs with the question, "Are you happy?" When the guy replied "Yes" in a dour tone, the good Reverend suggested he inform his face, as it didn't appear to reflect his claimed state of mind.

Whereupon five &mdash count them, FIVE &mdash armed security thugs fell upon this 66-year-old gentleman, dragged him out of the hospital (no doubt before the horrified eyes of his son, his grandson, and the unfortunate patient being visited), tasered him, beat him, kicked him while he was down, and generally roughed him up.

Say fucking WHAT? Excuse me, the guy's sixty-six years old and, if you get our drift, he doesn't look like he's even in as good shape as Dick Fucking Cheney. Why does it take five of you to beat his ass? Plus, hello, you're armed with tasers. We've already seen plenty of evidence that tasers are a lethal weapon, they can kill healthy strong young men. You tased the old guy, which is, like, not too smart given that he's a fucking prime fucking candidate for a fucking heart attack, you fucking bozos. And then FIVE of you got together and kicked his ancient ass.

What the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of gangsters, goons, and thugs are Toledo hospitals hiring to provide security? And why are they armed with tasers? Whatever happened to "never hit a man who is down?" Do you people have the slightest fucking shred of decency? Of dignity? Of self-fucking-respect? Jesus fucking J.H. Christ and his black brother Harry.

And in case you, dear readers, were wondering if the good Reverend Al didn't try to kick one of these studly young thugs in the old nuttolas or something, it's all on videotape. The good Reverend would get short of breath trying to lift his leg that high, if you get our drift. Plus, the security goons tried to file charges, and a court has already thrown them out. The good Rev. Al is suing the hospital. Good on ya, Reverend. They kicked your ass, you need to kick theirs in return.

Whatever happened to the goddamned rule of law, is what we want to know? When did it become OK to randomly taser anyone you think is giving you the stinkeye? Haven't these people heard of the Constitution? St. Vincent must be spinning like a corkscrew in his grave. Better rename the hospital. Kikurass Medical Center sounds more appropriate.

CBS news' video clip of the interview with Rev. Al and his lawyer available here.

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