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Monday, August 25, 2008

Politics: Daily Show

This is why Jon Stewart still totally rocks our world:

While the worthless talking heads of the media continue to writhe and spasm and orgasm live about everything being bad for Obama, while they continue to ignore John McCain's obvious mental impairment, ignorance, and bad temper, while they continue to print negative news about Obama (75 per cent of Obama's coverage is negative), what's really happening to this country continues to be buried under sound bites and flimflammery bullshit.

Yes, they're hurting America. If you're watching or reading any of these pathetic shills, remember that they are no longer the Fourth Estate that the Founding Fathers mandated in the Constitution. They have long since given up the role of giving the citizens information. Now, they serve as the myrmidons of the mighty — pages filled with ads exhorting the American "consumer," no longer a citizen but a passive vehicle for their bottom-line profits, to consume. Pages filled with the windbaggery of the David Brookses and David Broders, V.D. (how apt!) Hansons and Peggy Noonans.

More of us should take responsibility for this great democracy. One thing you can do: write to these fine representatives of the defunct Fourth Estate and let them know what you think about their shilling swill instead of news. From a DailyKos diary comes this information: Chris Matthews
MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, CNN All Politics CNN Viewer Comments
CNN Viewer Comment Line 404-827-1500 Nightly News
Chuck Todd- Political Director at NBC
Steve Capus, President NBC NEWS - Margaret Carlson NPR "All things Considered"
Let them know what you think of their coverage. This democracy is only as strong as each of its citizens. If you don't want your rights and your money and your freedom and your life taken away by the minions of the rich and greedy who have been bleeding the country dry for the past eight years, now's the time to make your voice heard. It may not do any good, but, as Jon said, at least you can sleep at night, knowing that you did something.

And don't forget your local fishwrap, either. Your local paper or TV station may be breathlessly echoing Ron Fournier (AP's acting Washington bureau chief), who interviewed for a job in McCain's campaign and basically serves as McCain's mole embedded in the press. He never has a single positive thing to say about Democrats, but can't find enough praise for Oldy McMoldy. Is it in the interests of unbiased journalism that AP allows him to cover the election? Shouldn't he be forced to remove himself, and work some other beat instead? One where he won't get or lose a future job based on how much toadying he does?

Given that AP's services are used by almost all the media, Fournier's lickspittling is doubly insidious. Between Nedra Pickler and Ron Fournier, AP is proving itself utterly objectionable, rather than objective as a news organization ought to be.

Incidentally, if you use Google or Yahoo to catch up with the news, you can specify that you don't want any AP feeds. GrannyDoc over at DailyKos will tell you how. AP will only respond if we put the hurt on them. Otherwise, they will continue to shovel down our throats whatever they think we'll swallow.

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