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Saturday, August 09, 2008


La Casa de Los Gatos would like to take this opportunity to remind all our friends, visitors, and acquaintance that Caturday, while primarily designated for the celebration of all things feline (and some fucking relief from the endless stream of really awful news these past eight years) does not discriminate on the basis of species.

Buddy engages in a recreational sleeping match with next week's Caturday Guest!

So, although we have some Caturday cats (mainly Buddy, whose story was told here and here), today we would like to share a good, happy, heart-lightening story of a dog who was unjustly accused, but proved himself innocent at trial.

Chhotu, the loving friend and companion of Rajkumari Devi, was taken to court for a breach of the peace, and won his case! He now has a clean record. Charges against Chhotu have been dismissed and he has been released to the loving arms of his best friend. From the article:
The court of the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) in Purnea district, about 300 km from here, made it clear in its order that dog was not mad and its behaviour was also not violent.

“The SDM observed the dog’s activities and behaviour and concluded that it was neither mad nor violent as alleged in a police report,” said Dilip Kumar Deepak, a lawyer who helped dog owner Rajkumari Devi, a childless widow living alone with only the pet animal in her house.

The dog itself, along with Rajkumari Devi, appeared in the court Tuesday for second time within a fortnight.

Last month some of Rajkumari Devi’s neighbours complained that eight-year-old Chhotu was a mad dog and it had attacked and bitten several people. A case was lodged in a local court by a neighbour, Jagdish Das.

The police in their report to the court said the dog was violent and dangerous to peace of society.

Dilip said that in July the SDM court issued a summons to Rajkumari Devi to be present in the court along with her pet. “The court was compelled to issue a summons also to the dog in view of the police report,” he said.
Well, the dog had his day and we're very glad he won. Well done, thou good and faithful servant!

In other Caturday news, Tail Envy appears to be contagious. Unfortunately, it has now spread to the owners of said tails. As we pointed out in a previous Caturday post (a belated one, admittedly), Gustav the Psychokitty is a Japanese Bobtail.

Gustav with his dear departed mother, Greta

As you can see from the nice tail shot that follows, this particular breed of cat is not tailless (taillessness is considered a defect). However, in place of a tail it has what breeders refer to as a "pompom" and we here at La Casa de Los Gatos refer to as a chrysanthemum-budbutt. While his mother Greta was a lovely lady, very well-behaved, Gustav has a nervous disposition and a certifiable case of Tail Envy.

How do we know this? When faced, as it were, with the long tails of the other inhabitants, Gustav will, without warning, suddenly leap at their tails face-first and rip out a mouthful of tailfur. He even does this with Bandicoot whom he has adopted as putative parent since his mother's passing. It's very tiresome, as the other cats will be lying around minding their own business, as in sleeping (which they plan to compete in at the Catlympics, we're sure) when suddenly yowls and shrieks erupt from various parts of the house and Gustav is spotted trotting by with a mouthful of fur.

Now this little angel, the Gojira-girl, has begun to do the same. Problem is, she's doing it to her own tail. Every night for about half an hour or more, she viciously abuses her tail, beating it into submission with paws, claws, and fangs. It must be painful, because she leaps all over the place with indignant meeps. Unfortunately, she's not connecting her own behaviour with the pain in her own tuchus, because everytime she has to leap up from the sharp pains, she falls upon her tail savagely. Punishing it for being such a pain in the ass, is our guess.

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At 9:22 AM, Blogger virgotex said...

I may well be a dyke, but I must say, that's a handsome set of balls on Chhotu. To quote the great Muddy Waters, "I spell M-A-N."

I love Caturday, and I still unabashedly chuckle at ICHC. Simple pleasures. Ceiling Cat knowz we need them lately.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Yup, no mistakin' that dog for anything but a "gentleman dog," as my dear Papa used to say.

ICHC is the antidote to what ails most of us. I defy anyone to flip through a few pages without laughing out loud.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Lizzy said...

Lovely pictures of your honeybuns, and a story with a happy ending - what could be better... I am worried about Gojira, though - could there be a medical explanation for her behavior?

At 1:34 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh, no, she's in fine health and fine fettle. She just has these little crazy fits periodically. Actually every night. She used to attack a favorite pillow (not her own which is Sacred), then it was a towel, then it was my slipper, and now — her tail. Silly critter. If you could see her funny little face. She gets a mad gleam in her eye and chases her tail around and around and when she catches it, she looks at me all pleased.


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