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Monday, August 04, 2008

Belated Caturday! Post

Charming cat courtesy of ICHC, purveyors of fine captioned kitties to all

We missed our usual Caturday post because we were busy cooking up a storm. Jungle Curry with fresh-made red curry paste (VERY time-consuming!), sauteed okra, pork with plums, spicy chicken, stir-fried veges, boiled peanuts (four hours!).

Not that the inhabitants of La Casa de Los Gatos were neglected throughout. Caturday saw a serious bout of clippage for one Zingiber Officinale Kittyburrito (so named because he often has to be rolled in a towel tightly tucked for any kind of Procedure). Clippage and brushage it was. Whatever possessed us to take on two longhaired felines, given our squeamish nature and dislike of cat hair and dander in our food and drink, not to mention the allergy factor?

Blame Hollerith Softail. It's all your fault, Hol.

In the event, the fat fellow is now 20 per cent slimmer (damn, that cat's fluffy!) and has a really embarrassingly bad haircut. Good thing he doesn't venture outdoors much. You know that old saying, "It'd make a cat laugh?" Well, his current crop would have the neighbourhood felines in hysterical fits. Hopefully, it'll keep him cool this summer, although (dammit!) our days of record-breaking heat seem to be over already. It's cool and foggy, now, and the tomatoes won't like that.

Gustav has been Very Bad lately. Does the heat make him cranky? Or is it his wonky back end? He must be in some pain, his back legs seem to tire (although not when he's chasing Gojira or Madu, to our great surprise) easily. At any rate, he's been taking mouthfuls of fur out of the others' tails. Our explanation of this is: Tail Envy. See, Gustav is a Japanese Bobtail (mostly), so instead of a real tail, he has this chrysanthemum-like knob on his butt. And it drives him mad that all the other inhabitants have long, luxurious, twitchy tails. (Especially Madu, whose tail is never still, twitching gently even when he's asleep, which he often is, the lazy little slackarse.)

He's had to be spoken to quite severely (Gustav, not Madu) at least twice this week for yanking a mouthful or more of fur out of one of the others' tails. Hopefully, clipping Zingiber's extra-fluffy tail will reduce the temptation. Although why Zingy doesn't just sling his enormous 20+ pound bulk at the little rat is beyond me. If he sat on Gustav, Gustav would simply expire. He only weighs about 8 lbs. or so.

The foggy weather has convinced everyone that many naps are required to build up their strength for a good nightly sleep. Honestly, given how much they sleep, it's a miracle cats don't get hugely fat and flabby. Yet every one of their muscles is in fine tone (OK, excepting only Zingiber's tummy muscles, which have grown rather flaccid given their job of cradling his immense gut).

In any event, a LOLsome Caturday was had by all and La Casa de Los Gatos hopes yours was lolsome too.

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At 6:53 PM, Blogger Lizzy said...

Today's post made me cry - a lot - and gnash my teeth... I'm glad I kept scrolling, though. First you made me starving - SO not fair - and then I felt better about my struggles to keep La Luz combed (somewhat) and is that the Gustav pictured? So cute, even if a little dickens (which probably adds to his s-appeal...).

At 7:36 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh, Lizzy, I'm sorry! I guess you're referring to the post about Cheye Calvo and Trinity Tomsic and their two doggies. Yes, that was very very upsetting. I had to go to your blog and ICHC for HOURS to calm down.

Sorry about starving. I'll post recipes. As for Luz, I truly sympathize. Imagine trying to clip Zingiber who is MUCH stronger than me. I have to immobilize the front end first and clip the back, then immobilize the back end and clip the front. Through it all, he screams as if he's being slowly tortured to death, kicks me repeatedly, and claws any part he can get his claws on. I'm fuller of holes than a sea sponge right now.

Yes, that's Gus da Puss. Dreadful, envious, ill-mannered fellow. Poor thing,he's had such a hard life. I try to give him extra pets to make up for it, but he doesn't really like being touched much. Although he's better about it these days. And — he's a catnip addict!

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Lizzy said...

I did mean the post about the police murdering those poor dogs - I guess terms like "today" are too inexact in as volatile a venue as a blog... BTW, I loved the kittehburrito metaphor - I've always just gone with the mummy thing - when I actually try to clip them, that is. IF YOU CAN DO IT SAFELY, give Gustav a kiss frome me - AND Zingiber (we'll have to get together sometime to compare scabz/scarz) AND the rest of the family, of course!

At 3:08 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Actually, Gustav is surprisingly nonhostile to humans — he just runs away, mooing loudly. It's the other kitties he beats the bejaysus out of. At any rate, I gave him the recommended kiss and, since he wasn't struggling (much), repeated the offense.

Zingiber has been lying next to me on Gojira's pillow all day. He's the only one who can get away with that. She has conniption fits if anyone else so much as touches HER pillow. So he got lots of smooches, as did Madu who slept and purred through the whole operation. I tried to kiss the Goji-WAAAH! but she wasn't having any. She flattens her ears and swings them back and leaps away, meeping loudly and looking utterly disgusted, then proceeds to lick her coat where I might have possibly touched her and contaminated her Divine Fur with gross people-cooties. Such a princess! And Bandicoot's outside, so I'll have to go in the garden for a smoochfest.

Comparing scabs and scars - oy! We must! Interstate Tea and Tabbies.


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