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Thursday, August 07, 2008

2008 Elections: Creepy Entertainment

Oh, dear. Scott Bateman, over at Salon, decided to take Oldy McMoldy's speech at the bikers' convention in Sturgis (famous for its topless, and sometimes bottomless, contenders for the title of Miss Buffalo Chip) and animate it.

First off, Buffalo Chip does not create a pleasant mental image. It makes us think of a pile of steaming dung, to be honest.

Secondly, what kind of man offers his wife to a screaming crowd of gross-looking guys holding up signs like "Show Ur Tits 4 John McCain"? Is that respect for marriage? Is that "family values"? Is that respect for the woman who funds your political ambitions, the mother of your children?

Thirdly, we don't know whether the crowd turned up to see McMoldy — he was opening for Kid Rock. McMoldy, is that the only way you can draw a crowd?

At any rate, Bateman tried to make a little entertainment here, and did a good job. But the creep factor is undeniable.

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