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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2008 Elections: Republican "Family Values"

What is wrong with these people? First Rude Ghouliani had his pedophile priest. Now John McCain has his teenager-raping "theocon."

Oldy McMoldy has been asked by three religious groups to remove Deal W. Hudson from his campaign, but has refused. The guy is a total creep. He blames his sexual abuse of a freshman on campus on "homosexual" priests. WHAT? Did some gay member of the clergy slip you Viagra and hold a gun to your head so you could get somebody's teenage daughter drunk and slip her the old salami? You disgusting PoS. How did the homosexual clergy force you to get some little girl drunk and force your disgusting ancient flabby wrinkly self on her?

Naturally, Bull Donohue, that patriarchal putz who gets his flabby jowls in a pother anytime anyone even hints that maybe, just maybe, he is not the sole arbiter of what his Deity would like the world to be (and a pretty hateful, nasty vision it is, Donohue) thinks that his criminal friend Hudson's apology suffices to pardon his crime.

Do you think saying sorry should let you off for rape? How about murder? We can't imagine any Catholic who takes their religion seriously letting either of these ancient bigots represent Catholicism to the world at large. Shame on you both, you vipers and serpents! Crawl back under a rock and let God, if there is one, speak for itself.

Incidentally, the victim in question was an 18-year-old freshman at the college where Hudson was a tenured professor. She was clearly a troubled teen, often initiating conversations about her personal life with him. Some of his supporters are alleging that she seduced him, or came on to him, or was an adult woman who flirted with her professor. This is all balderdash. If it was your daughter, we guarantee you'd be singing a different tune.

Recent studies have shown that teenagers' brains are still developing, and that they might not have the same understanding of concepts like risk and responsibility as adults. Teenage brains are also more susceptible to substance abuse. Why a tenured professor of philosophy fails to understand this is incomprehensible to us.

Moreover, anyone in a professional relationship with young people — teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers &mdash knows that there are certain acts that are considered more reprehensible in people who have authority and responsibility over our young. Sex with your underage charges tops that list. How could this professor have failed to absorb that lesson?

Finally, when an adult and a youth are involved in something society considers wrong, it is the adult, not the youth, who bears the greater burden of responsibility. Even if that girl had stripped naked before him and begged him for sex, as a responsible adult, we expect him to understand that the girl was troubled and to immediately leave her presence and never again be alone with her in order that temptation would not arise. You'd think a Christian, a practising Catholic, a professor of philosophy would understand these concepts. And this is the man John McCain selects to be in charge of outreach to Catholics?

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At 12:03 PM, Blogger Afreshup said...

Your an idiot, it's people like you that will turn off the swing vote causing Hussein to lose ...

At 2:44 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Anybody who can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're" has no business labeling anyone else an idiot.

And pray who might this hussein be? If you want dialogue, I encourage it. If you're here to self-aggrandize (look it up) and spout maleficence, you're welcome to return your cranium to the rectal inversion position.

If you respond, be sure to try and explain why McAncient and his Catholic outreach person are not flaming misogynists.

At 11:24 PM, Blogger sk7 said...

What election is "Hussein" in? Did I miss something?

Anyway, you wrote:

"You'd think a Christian, a practicing Catholic, a professor of philosophy would understand these concepts."

I think that combination may actually inhibit his ability to understand said concepts. Great rant, by the way.


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