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Friday, June 06, 2008

2008 Elections: ColbertNation to Teh Rescue

Stephen Colbert is a very, very wicked and very, very funny man. See for yourself:

Note to McCain's staff: Please don't put him in front of a puke-green screen again. He looks ancient and ill. It's a barfalicious colour and provokes nausea among many viewers.

Also, what's with that blinking? According to this site, it might be symptomatic of any of these conditions:

* Nervous system disorder
* Parkinson's disease
* Stroke
* Anxiety

Which is it? Has he got Parkinson's? Has he had a stroke? Does he have something wrong with his CNS? Or is he suffering from anxiety because he's lying through his teeth?

Given that the man still has not released his medical records to the public, and has not released his psychiatric records at all to anyone, these are legitimate questions.

Members of the fourth estate, do your duty, instead of making yourselves the story. McCain MUST release his records TO THE PUBLIC, not just to handpicked operatives who are not permitted to take copies with them to doctors for further analysis. Three hours to examine nearly 1,200 pages of medical records is simply inadequate. Think about it: that's between six and seven pages per minute. You can't even read trashy fiction that fast.

You kids get off my lawn!

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