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Monday, June 02, 2008

2008 Elections: Fun For The Whole Family

La Casa de Los Gatos has been wondering about John McInsane's campaign for the Presidency. Why on earth would the Republicans nominate this ancient, crusty, ill-tempered twit (he placed close to last in class at the Naval Academy) who's had cancers removed four times, has a huge lump and related scar on his face that makes him look like Frankenstein, only paler, who can't tell Shi'ite from Shinola on his good days and thinks Purim is the Jewish version of Halloween? His sole claim to heroism rests on being a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

We prefer our heroes to actually do something heroic, not just drop bombs on innocent civilians from miles above. Hero, to us, is the guy who throws his body on a grenade to protect his buddies. The guy who rushes into a burning building to save someone's cat or kid or aged grandmother. The woman who volunteers when a plane takes out skyscrapers in her city. Heroes are people who risk their own lives and limbs to protect other people.

In any event, Gramps McInsane has made so many boo-boos lately that we're starting to feel as if he may need some help. So, we've decided to think up some slogans for him. We found some of these around the innerTubes, so if you see one that you thought of first, let us know and we'll credit you. Bear in mind that you may not be the only person who thought of a particular slogan, and we're going to credit whoever contacts us first. Some of these are from friends. Sorry, we can't remember which ones we got from which. You know we've got CRS (Can't Remember Shit) Syndrome.

Please add your slogan!

Vote John McCain and The DoubleTalk Express

More War, Fewer Jobs
Vote For John McCain

McCain Unable

Give MCain Your Vote &
Your Draft-Age Child

Feel the Pain with John McCain!


McCain = Bush/Cheney: The Sequel

Putting Americans to Work...In Iraq

McCain: Partying while NOLA drowned

No Country for Old Men

He couldn't protect his own child from Karl Rove
How can he protect our country??

McCain. Insane.

McCain: Bush minus the hat

Let's do the time warp again!

Vote for John McCain!
Corporations need the tax cuts

McCain &mdash insane and mainly just a pain.

McCain. Because the wealthy shouldn't pay taxes.

McCain for President
Because somebody's gotta make Dubya look good.

McCain. Who needs peace?

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Redefeat Bush 2008!


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