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Friday, May 30, 2008

B.A.D. Stroll Through The Blogroll

Today's stroll through the blogroll yields the following treasures:

  • Rocky over at Alien Trucker reminds us what Memorial Day is about.

    We didn't post anything for Memorial Day this year. The death toll on all sides is just unacceptably high and too damned depressing. Here's last year's post.

  • Over at Blast Off!, Sinfonian keeps America's Wang even safer for democracy by pointing out the divisive planned shenanigans for the coming weekend. Oy, vay!

  • Chuck Butcher, over at Chuck for ... reminds us about the real issue with illegal immigration. Is this how we want to see ourselves?

  • Over at ex-lion tamer, r@d@r talks about the beast that many of us might have felt chewing at our innards.

    Let's take our pills, no matter how much we hate to. Let's try not to hurt ourselves. It's hard enough having this invisible suffering etched into one's soft and vulnerable bits.

  • Heywood, over at Hammer of the Blogs, has an instructional post on Nicaragua, the United Fruit Company, and various other pieces of the open-veined history of Latin America.

  • Shaun, over at Kiko's House, has discovered something that is sure to make Michelle Malkin shriek in E above high C.

  • Dizzy Dezi, over at I'm Jus' A Lil' Dizzy! has some choice words for the forced-birthers of Colorado. Ass-kicking at its best, yes!

  • Sungold, over at Kittywampus, has some thoughts about the Catholic Church's response to the ordination of women as priests.

  • Litbrit gives you the background to Shaun's beautiful photograph.

  • And Busted Knuckles, over at Ornery Bastard, has some news that you need a big drink to digest. FUBAR, he sez, and I believe him.
This has been your stroll through the blogroll. La Casa de Los Gatos thanks you for your attention, and craves your indulgence for the paucity of postings. We are happy to report a literary endeavour in the works, but work it is.

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