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Friday, May 30, 2008


Excuse me, could these people get any ruder? Or stupider? Are they dumping stupid in the water wholesale where these folks live, or what?

NBC is reporting that the Attorneys General of TEN states are asking the California Supreme Court to delay implementation of its same-sex marriage ruling (by granting a stay) until every hetero troglodyte who has ever seized a bogus issue and used it as a club to whup the LGBTQ community upside the head with has had a chance to expose their chancreous fear and pathetic weenie whining on the issue.

Hello, people! Are you not getting laid regularly or what? Wouldja please just mind your own goddamn fucking, and we do mean fucking, business for a change? Like take your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever out for a good time and spend a few hours doing the horizontal samba until you experience that longed-for sweaty bliss that comes from rubbing your happy nubbins together.

Stop worrying about other people's private fucking, and yes, we really do mean fucking, lives! Jesus would slap you unconcscious if he could see what you were up to. Oh, yes. It's time to get your happy on and leave other people the fuck alone.

What slightest bit of difference does it make to you or your marriage or your relationship if Adam and Steve or Anna and Eve are happily married? What the hell is that going to do to your sex life or, more likely, the complete and total lack thereof? Can anybody tell me?

The only people who get their shorts in a knot about gay people getting married are people who don't have a sweet patoo to unbunch their undies. Or those who are secretly lusting for Teh Gay in a big way but think some Old Man in Teh Sky is watching them and going to zap their rubbable bits with lightning forEVER for thinking those dirty, dirty thoughts.

Enough already, you pathetic creeps and godbags. Grab your partner, or spend your energy finding a goddamned partner, or buy some really nice toys (available at any of these fine online purveyors, and they'll probably send them to you in a plain brown wrapper if you happen to live in Buttfuck, Missouri) and get your pant 'n sweat on. And for mercy's sake, leave other people's happy humps the hell alone.

Some of the idiotic godbags involved include these miserable spoo-rags of Satan, to paraphrase Maru:
The Campaign for California Families wrote in its petition Thursday that permitting the ruling to go into effect before November could cause "a perfect storm" of legal chaos.

A similar request for a stay was filed last week by the Proposition 22 Legal Defense and Education Fund.
Look, folks, get real. The economy is in the turlet. We need a way to generate some moolah. What better than big ol' gay weddings all over the place. Imagine the money flowing in. Venue rentals. Florists. Licenses. Catering. Wedding garb. Printed invitations. Stamps, fer cryin' out. Balloons, streamers, confetti, shoes, clothes, horses and carriages, limousines, hotel rooms, plane reservations, photographers, video producers, champagne, wine, receptions. Lots of people buying new clothes or getting existing outfits cleaned so they can zip off to some friend's or loved one's fancy-assed wedding. Parties everywhere. Happy people. Smiles on many faces. And, this being a city with precious little parking, lotsa lotsa parking fines. How can you argue with money?

So feck off, you pathetic moralists, you rainers upon parades. Let the people of every stripe of the rainbow have their jollies. You don't like it? Don't marry a gay person. Meanwhile? Shut the fuck up and go find something pleasant to do with your time.

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