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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Image from Auntie Beeb

I don't know how anyone can blithely wish another person a "Happy Memorial Day." There is nothing happy in commemorating the untimely death and suffering of the victims of war. Unlike George and Laura, I don't suffer more than those of you who may have lost a loved one to the evil war machine. I don't know how much you suffer, but I remember how much I suffered when I lost a loved one. Even though it was expected, and came at the end of a life filled with peace and happiness, losing someone I loved made me wish they'd taken me with them. And the suffering went on for years. Even now, many years after the deaths, I still miss the ones who are gone. I'm deeply sorry and sad that over 3,000 Americans and three-quarters of a million Iraqis have died because one little pissant has an oversized ego.

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