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Friday, May 30, 2008

World: Our Ally Pakistan

So the last we heard Osama bin Laden was hiding out somewhere between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Pakistan has done a pretty crappy job of trying to find him. Fact is, they've done almost as badly as we.

Then we sent Benazir Bhutto back there with the idea that she could clean up the place and make it kinda sorta look like a pretend democracy, but our good buddy Musharraf just got her killed instead.

Then he told us that some "tribal" folks actually took her out and he had proof, but the proof turned out to be not very convincing.

Now, A.Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program is dropping his own bombshell. Turns out, Musharraf &mdash our good buddy, our pal, our all-out friend Pervy &mdash pressured Dr. Khan into lying about who gave nuclear weapons technology to our good friends &mdash no, waitaminnit, to our Axis of Eevul enemies, Iran, North Korea, and Libya.

It was Pakistan, says ABC. Based on what Dr. Khan is saying, the Pakistani government of Pervez Musharraf asked Dr. Khan to confess to having sold nuclear technology to these rogue states, saying it would get the U.S. off their backs if Dr. Khan would confess.

Well. We know the U.S. government has lied repeatedly to everyone. We know the Pakistani government has lied repeatedly to everyone. And we know that Dr. A.Q. Khan has lied at least once to everyone. The question now is, which of these liars should we believe?

A pertinent snippet:
After his 2004 confession, Pakistani President Musharraf refused to allow U.S. or international experts to question Khan.

"It's none of their bloody business," said Khan, who insisted he would never discuss his past activities with any U.S. investigators.
At least this makes sense now. Why would Musharraf want U.S. or international investigators to have access to Khan, who might just retract his confession? So why is Khan retracting his confession now? Is it because he has prostate cancer and may soon be dead anyway? Is it because Musharraf is now a "toothless tiger"?

Heckuva job, Bushies. Another mess for the new President to clean up. What a bunch of incompetents and fools.

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