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Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Elections: Oh, Boy

Well. Bob Barr just announced that he's running as the Libertarian candidate for President. A former Republican representative from the state of Georgia, Barr recently split with his fellow Republicans
over [...] domestic surveillance program and what he called [...] abuse of due process rights.
That's interesting. McCain, the Republican nominee, hasn't said squat so far about the Bush Misadministration's wiping its collective behind with the Constitution. Ron Paul has spoken up, and now Bob Barr is speaking up. Perhaps those who support the Constitution but can't tolerate the Democratic party should switch their allegiance to the Libertarian Party, which is not as likely to be rife with crooks, thugs, corrupt swine, feeders at the public trough, the greedy, and the liars who mired the country in this festering mess in the first place.

The article goes on to state
The Libertarian Party will pick its presidential candidate at its convention in Denver between May 22 and May 26. According to its Web site, it has gained ballot access in 28 states so far.
There's time, if you hop to it, people. We're off to research Barr more thoroughly.

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