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Friday, March 21, 2008

Chris Wallace Turns Away From The Dark Side?


Chris Wallace, whose father, Mike Wallace, had the undying respect of most journalists, was initially a great disappointment to those of us at La Casa de Los Gatos. He seemed like the ultimate toady.

In the past week or two, however, he's been gradually distancing himself from the Dark Side, or so it seems.

In his own words:
"I've been watching on and off for a couple of hours and every clip I've seen ends at 'that's a typical white person,' when in fact he's going on to discuss the nature of race in our country, and again, I'm not saying if he had it do over again that he'd necessarily say it that way, but I don't think that he was making a hyper-racial remark."

"I guess I just feel like on a day when he's been endorsed by Bill Richardson, and we have this story about the passports," he added, "I feel like two hours of Obama-bashing may be enough."

The F&F hosts responded to Wallace with vehement defenses, but Wallace said that after Obama had given major speeches this week on race, Iraq, and the economy, his campaign might suggest that "in terms of deflecting attention away from the issues people really want to hear about, maybe it's the media doing it, not Barack Obama."
Raw Story has the video clip. Pass me the smelling salts!

In all fairness, we'd like to say that when the zeitgeist is inclined in a particular direction, it takes a great deal of strength to swim against the tide it generates. Over the past decade or more, the zeitgeist might best be characterized as a confederacy of dunces of the worst sort. A boatfull of rats fighting over scraps in the hold even as their vessel careens towards a deadly falls. The "I've got mine, now screw you" mentality that, in the short term, allowed scummy greedbags like Grover Norquist and Karl Rove to flourish.

And now that we find our government is spying on everything we think, do, and say, going through the files of political "opponents," subverting the Justice Department so that it will do the will of those in power and not safeguard the people and the nation as it should, we understand why so many were afraid to speak up at first. Didn't we all worry about losing our jobs and our homes, being blacklisted, spied on, harrassed?

Now that we are losing our jobs and homes and any flimsy sense of security, as the fragile vessel we call the nation teeters at the lip of the cascade, we are beginning to realise that we can no longer sit quiet. We must speak out, or be damned.

Perhaps that sentiment is beginning to percolate throughout the nation.

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