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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Elections: One Insane Fool Every Two Decades

What Republicans Think of John McPain

New rule for the U.S. Presidency: Insane Fools can only win election once every two decades. That will guarantee that we, the people, can hang on to our pensions, health care, good jobs, and homes for long enough to survive.

Also it will reduce our health care costs because we won't be spending so much on blood pressure medication and psychoactive drugs.

From U.S. News comes this report and a list of ten things you didn't (and probably don't want to) know about John Sidney McCain III:
4. After high school, McCain was accepted to the United States Naval Academy, though he was not a strong student. He was often disciplined for misbehavior and ultimately graduated near the bottom–790th out of 795–of the class of 1958. In 2005, he returned to the school to speak to a political science class, saying he was pleased to be back at the "old school where [I] did so well."
790 out of 795 does not exactly inspire confidence. It's about as impressive, academically, as Bush's C-grades through college. And we've all seen what he did to the country.Is this why McCain can't tell his ass from his elbow in terms of foreign policy issues?

Incidentally, who's paying for McCain's trip to Iraq? Isn't he already breaking the campaign finance laws he authored? Why isn't the press covering this?

Please ask your local newspaper with a polite letter to the editor.

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