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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Iraq: Success!

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So much success, we can barely handle it! Where's Chimperor McDoofus, is he out there? Bring him up to the stand to acknowledge the Unbearable Success of Teh War.

NBC reports from Mosul that insurgents actually attacked them and their interviewees while they were interviewing their armed U.S. military subjects.

What more do you need to hear to know that the "war" in Iraq is lost? An insurgency in its "last throes," to quote Darth Cheney, doesn't show up while the cameras are running, guys. They skulk about in the dark, planting explosives secretly under cover of night. These people are so fucking daring, calling them an insurgency is an insult to insurgencies everywhere. Sheesh.

To quote the highly successful General Vo Nguyen Giap: "When the enemy attacks, we retreat. When the enemy stalls, we harass. When the enemy retreats, we attack." Has the Chimperor ever heard of General Giap? Oh, wait, how could he have? He was in a drug-and-alcohol induced sabbatical at the Texas Air National Guard while General Giap was massacrating the shit out of Teh Chimp's fellow citizens who lacked wealthy string-pulling parents but not shame, duty, honour, or any sense of responsibility.

The article &mdash which should make you weep bitter tears &mdash states, in part:
NBC's Richard Engel is in the middle of an interview with one member of the Army's 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment when their combat outpost in Mosul comes under attack. Engel and the soldier he is interviewing -- both outfitted in helmets and body armor -- flinch as the first bullets fly toward the makeshift base.

"It's clear the war here is as intense as ever," Engel says, narrating his piece.

He asks the soldier if the attacks are a "constant problem."

"Yes," the soldier says grimly.


Sgt. Robert Johnson, on his third tour in Iraq, "says Mosul is more dangerous now, than when he was here two years ago," according to Engel.

"After this, I don't want to come over here no more," Johnson says. After tours lasting nine, 16 and 15 months, "my body is getting weary."
And then they come back to this.

Goddammit, why are they still there? Bring them back, every man Jack of them. Bring them back and try to heal them. They've suffered enough, unlike those, like Darth Cheney, who never fought because he had "other" &mdash more important, no doubt &mdash "priorities."

The Misadministration's legal position on veterans' mental health benefits is presented succinctly in this argument at the San Francisco ChronicLiar:
Veterans have no legal right to specific types of medical care, the Bush administration argues in a lawsuit accusing the government of illegally denying mental health treatment to some troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The arguments, filed Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco, strike at the heart of a lawsuit filed on behalf of veterans that claims the health care system for returning troops provides little recourse when the government rejects their medical claims.
Raw Story has the video clip.

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