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Friday, January 18, 2008

Economy: Bush's Stimulus Plan

Cartoon from The Austin Chronicle

Maybe he's planning to stimulate the total crash of the world economy. Here's today's headline from Raw about the idiot-in-chief's "plan":

Stocks fall after Bush announces stimulus plan

Anyone surprised? Back when the idiot was first "elected," we noticed that everytime he opened his piehole, the Dow dropped a few points.

It's no longer a "few points." The Dow is now thrashing around like an epileptic. We do note, though, that the epileptic seems a few degrees closer to death with each spasm. Some salient points:
The Dow Jones industrial average, up more than 180 points in morning trading, was down 85.11, or 0.70 percent, at 12,074.10. The Dow plunged 306 points Thursday amid deepening pessimism about the economy.

The broader Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 15.40, or 1.16 percent, to 1,317.85, while the technology-focused Nasdaq composite index fell 10.38, or 0.44 percent, to 2,336.52.

Disappointment with Bush's plan came as investors were searching for those companies that might be weathering the economic slowdown well.
We hope they're equipped with microscopes and tweezers. Precious few and far between are the companies that are doing even remotely well. And the Shrub is so far outside the scope of his competence (what competence? you might well arsk), that he can't even direct those around him to look for possible solutions to the problem.

Before one can fix a problem, one first needs to know what the problem is - its scope, shape, interrelations, current effects, possible future effects. The idiot in charge doesn't think. Has never thought. Made it through school and life with Daddy's money and power. Relies on intestinal rumblings for possible solutions to life, the universe, and everything.

Now things are really coming apart at the seams. The "progress" in Iraq is pitiful and mostly military - no political progress has been made; Afghanistan is slipping into chaos, with the Taliban openly in control of most of the countryside; Pakistan is on the edge of the precipice; New Orleans is still largely a mess of rubble and destruction; OPEC watches oil prices soar out of control and refuses Chimpy's request for stabilization; The economy is reeling from multiple killing blows - stagflation, job loss, increasing unemployment, devaluation of the dollar, subprime meltdown, housing crisis, destruction of the middle class, effects of a decade-long wage freeze for the working poor, increasing poverty, foreign interests propping up our failing financial institutions (no longer ours, really), profiteering by the worst elements, and increasing crime.

And the idiot keeps bleating about tax relief. Fuck your tax relief, you moron! First stop the bleeding, then apply bandaids. Geesh. Can this possibly end well? And we thought our retirement nest egg was in trouble when the idiot first slithered into office. We'll all be working into our nineties, unless we kill ourselves from despair first. Or unless the idiot manages to start World War III, which is quite likely.

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