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Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 Elections: Say WHAT?

Raw Story is reporting that John McCain is about to swiftboat his own campaign. No, let's try that again. Raw Story is reporting that John McCain just got diagnosed with senile dementia. No, one more time. John McCain has decided that shooting his own foot off makes more sense than winning the election. Better.

Oh, all right. Slimebucket, manwhore, and official Bush-fellater Joe LIEberman has oozed across the aisle to endorse McCain because he's hoping that McCain's advanced Alzheimer's or Jakob-Creutzfeld or outright senility will cause him to actually accept as a potential VP the skanky pusbag who lied to the voters of Connecticut about his anti-war stance and has done nothing but support the war in Iraq ever since. Yup, the same slobbering creep who has refused to open an investigation into FEMA's mishandling of Katrina is aiming to be John McCain's VP.

Can you think of a better reason to vote for Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or Ron Paul? (Rudy Giuliani is already out of the race, he just doesn't know it yet.) If there is a more reprehensible bucket of walking spooge than Joe LIEberwhore (R-Israel) in Congress today, we'd really like their name.

According to the Wall Street Journal's "Washington Wire" blog, McCain drooled as he dithered:
“He’d be a great partner in any endeavor, including joining America together,” McCain told WSJ reporter Alex Frangos in response to a question on the Lieberman factor. “Let’s reach across the aisle, let’s work together for America. That’s what Joe Lieberman is all about."
Yeah, it would be nice if the lying little scumbag would consider reaching across to the Democratic side of the aisle occasionally. Reacharound is what the pathetic little putz is all about. Let's not forget that his wife is a long-time lobbyist for Big Pharma who has done her best to cover up that fact, including failing to register as a lobbyist. Let's not forget that Joe, after being rejected by his own party, decided to run as an "independent," and subsequently re-registered as a Democrat. Let's not forget that LIEberwhore is a liar, a hypocrite, a sanctimonious moralizer, a weasel, and a warmonger who, jowls quivering with fake-pious indignation, upbraided Bill Clinton for having sex with someone but has yet to call the Cannibal King on a war that has killed over 1 million, injured and maimed more than 1 million more, destroyed families, and utterly subverted the Constitution.

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