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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Women's Rights: WTF??

Raw Story is reporting that a high-school track star with the fastest mile and 2-mile times in her class has been disqualified from a track meet because she wears a garment that conforms to her religion's requirements.

Is she a Mormon, with the knee-length holy underwear? No, she's a Muslim. An American Muslim. What's interesting is, she's been wearing the same damn garment for the past three years.

WTF is this about? We always thought the idea of sports was to give children a chance to compete in a healthy manner. If the kid has the best time, and she is wearing the official uniform, why is it a problem? More to the point, why is it a problem now, when it hasn't been a problem previously?

Here's another interesting point:
Kelly, whose 1,600-meter time of 5 minutes 17.49 seconds and 3,200-meter time of 12:00.81 are the fastest of any D.C. girl, was hoping to run fast enough at the Montgomery Invitational to qualify for the New Balance Collegiate Invitational in New York on Feb. 8-9.
The girl, Juashaunna Kelly, is probably African-American, and this athletic event would give her access, if she wins, to an athletic scholarship to college. Why is this a problem?

The misogyny is getting thicker than cheese, these days, and we here at Casa de Los Gatos, are getting pretty sick and tired of it. We sincerely hope she sues their asses off AND wins AND gets a scholarship, and any other good thing we can think of. And we sincerely hope the meet director gets the boot and ends up peddling iced peanut drinks on the road to Samarkand.

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