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Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Elections: Independent Primary

If you haven't already checked out Independent Primary, perhaps now is the time to do so.

This just arrived in Casa de Los Gatos' emailbox. We have stopped reading election posts or watching election coverage (except for Jon Stewart, who really kicks butt). We feel as if the election process is being manipulated by Big Business and the Corporate Media lapdogs. Kucinich, Gravel, John Edwards, and Ron Paul - all of whom are outside the usual two-party lobbyist-owned mould - are hardly getting any coverage. The MSM is all-McCain/HillaryClinton/Obama/Giuliani/Romney, all the time. We like Clinton and Obama. But we think every single option should be available to the people.

Even though we detest Giuliani from the soles of our feet to the crown of our head, we still feel he should be treated as a contender - just as should Ron Paul, or Mike Gravel, or Dennis Kucinich. The choice of the next president, after the past disastrous eight years, should not be left to the same scum of "opinion-makers" who told us a drunken, druggie fratboy would be the kind of guy we'd want to drink a beer with, while Al Gore was "boring" and "too wonky" and Kerry was effete.

Frankly, an effete Kerry and a boring Gore would not have left us trillions of dollars in debt, bogged down in multiple unwinnable foreign wars, and watching our homes, jobs, hospitals, infrastructure, and families crumbling around us.

Casa de Los Gatos says Checkidout:
IndependentPrimary.Com has launched a "Tsunami Tuesday" national online poll from January 21 - February 1.

To cast your "Tsunami Tuesday" presidential vote, go to

Independent and independent-minded voters have had a big impact on the presidential election. Independents swung the elections in the opening primary and caucus contests!

And the race is now heating up going into February 5th - "Tsunami Tuesday" as the media is calling it.

That's the day 22 states will cast their vote in the Democratic Primary and 20 states will cast their vote in the Republican Primary. Independents can participate in 15 of the Democratic Primaries and 13 of the Republican Primaries.

So leading up to February 5th, independent-minded Americans can exercise our power and impact the vote!

We're going to find out the choices of independent-minded Americans. We'll announce the results by email on February 2nd and hold a press conference for the media before February 5th.

This is an exciting time to be an independent-minded American. Please remember to cast your vote and tell at least five of your friends to cast theirs at


Jim Mangia & Linda Curtis

PS. Don't forget to tell your friends and networks about the only national primary for independent-minded Americans at

Letter slightly edited for space considerations.

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