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Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008 Elections: Who's Your Candidate?

Politalk has a nice little quiz that will line up your political positions with the various candidates, allowing you to vote with some semblance of analysis, rather than just going with your "gut," as Commander Codpiece is wont to do. (And look where it got him, and the whole damn nation because some people thought they could have a beer with that idiot.)

Do it quick though. Duncan Hunter (Repulsive-Nogood) has just announced that he's stepping out of the race. Good riddance to bad rubbish, we say. In case you don't know anything about Hunter, he's right up there with Randy "Duke" Cunningham in the bribery scandals. The San Diego Union Tribune has a nice article on his shenanigans, be sure you don't read it while eating, unless the objective is to lose weight.

Raw Story has some interesting information on Hunter's ethics - or lack thereof, rather. TPM Muckraker, one of the few organizations that actually has investigative journalists rather than bigheaded manwhores working for them (yes, that was a reference to groveling drooler Chris Matthews, why do you ask?), has this to say about Hunter.

Looting the treasury and living large on the taxpayers' dime are not necessarily the privileges of the President, so I wonder why Duncan "Nobody Knows My Name" was running at all. Trying to keep the investigations into his conduct from landing him a nice long stretch in the slammer maybe?

In other political news, the Nevada vote proved to be confusing for both the Clinton and Obama campaigns - Hillary won the raw vote and Barack won one delegate more. Dammit, I wish John Edwards had won instead - but maybe when the delegates actually vote, they'll bollox things up even more by voting for Edwards. Wouldn't that be rich?

On the Republican side of the fence, it looks as if Mitt Romney took Nevada, giving John McCain and Mike Huckabee a poke in the snout each. Caveat: Link might require registration; free, but still a pain.

Bradblog is reporting all sorts of derring-do on the part of the elections machine (literally and figuratively) in South Carolina, so who knows what the results THERE will be like, and how far they should be trusted.

At any rate, the Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that the voters of Nevada, Republican and Democratic, turned out in record numbers for the caucus. Pretty damn impressive numbers, too. 44,000 Republicans (11 per cent of the registered Republican voters) turned out in 113 precincts. Nearly THREE TIMES that number of registered Democrats (approximately 28 per cent of all registered Democrats), or 114,000, turned out in 520 precincts. Wow.

Previous records showed between two and three thousand Republicans and nine thousand Democrats showing up for caucuses. Election officials are reeling in amazement. Pretty damned impressive, Nevadans! Hope you inspire the rest of the nation.

This is what democracy is about, right, folks? People getting involved! Showing the media and the powers that be that we have minds and we cherish our votes, and they can just take their prognostications and put 'em where Mike Hickabee wants to shove the Confederate flag pole.

Yeah, USA! Go, folks!!

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