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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Racism: It's Everywhere

Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh has been disciplined for referring to a nonwhite Australian cricket player as a "monkey," says Auntie Beeb.

The player in question is Andrew Symonds, the only nonwhite member of the Australian cricket team. The Indian team is up in arms about the punishment, calling it unfair. The International Cricket Council has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism. Singh will appeal, and his punishment is not so severe, so he really ought to stop whining and shut up.

Racism is everywhere, and the 21st century needs to put a stop to this scourge. Sports players and fans are known to be egregious offenders in this regard. It really needs to stop.

Apart from which, we really don't think someone who looks like this has any business calling anyone else a monkey.

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