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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Women's Rights: Update on Jamie Leigh Jones

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Channel WFAA of Dallas/Fort Worth has this update on the Jamie Leigh Jones case. Apparently, all KBR/Halliburton employee contracts contain a clause requiring arbitration instead of litigation of any claims the employee might have against KBR/Halliburton for violation of laws or their rights. This has caused some concern, and Ms. Jones made a good argument at the Congressional hearing today that cases such as hers are ill-served, at best, by arbitration.

WFAA then tells us:
A National Employment Lawyers Association analysis found that an arbitrator ruled in favor of Halliburton 82 percent of the time between Jan. 1, 2003, and March 31, 2007.

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., has sponsored a bill that would make such agreements invalid in certain cases.

"The deck is stacked against Ms. Jones and others who find themselves trapped in this system, a system that strips citizens of their rights to a jury trial and offers no meaningful avenue of redress," Johnson said.
The rapists, in the course of the rape, ruptured Ms. Jones' breast implants. They must have used a great deal of force - on an unresisting, drugged, unconscious woman. For WHAT?

Jones has started a foundation to help women like herself, more power to her. China Daily reports:
Ten other (female employees of KBR/Halliburton) reported their stories through a foundation Jones began to help women with similar experiences.


Jones submitted a copy of an affidavit from KBR human resources supervisor Letty Surman to the committee, in which she said she was aware of the work environment.

"During my time as an HR supervisor, I was aware that a lot of sexual harassment went on — it was our major complaint. ... I am aware that Halliburton has a policy of sweeping problems under the rug," Surman said in the affidavit.
And KBR/Halliburton spokesworms have the unmitigated gall to claim that Jones' allegations are 'without merit.'

I gotcher merit right here, you weaselly, stinking, foul, necrotic blivets.

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