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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Environment: Alternative Fuel - Human Fat?

Wow. We here know so many people who would think this was a good deal - you know, lose fifty pounds, fuel your monthly commute. At least, if if really did work that way, it would sell like ... like ... hotcakes?

Okay, that was just wild woolgathering on our part. The fat, I mean, fact, of the matter is, someone has designed a boat powered by biodiesel, which includes human fat. The fat was removed by liposuction from some willing volunteers, and 10 litres of human fat is equal to 7 liters of biofuel.

Unfortunately, that only takes you 15 km. But we sense a, um, killer product on the horizon. Self- and other-lipectomy as car fuel. Heavier friends could be persuaded to donate and receive, oh, maybe half the proceeds? We could all be trained in liposuction techniques.

Of course, the downside is, overweight folks would be mugged for their avoirdupois. But the upside is, there would be lots of slimmer people, you could eat whatever you wanted with the excuse of turning it into biofuel for your car, and people would stop obsessing about weight and size. Or not.

Details from The Daily Mail via The Huffington Post.

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