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Monday, December 17, 2007

2008 Elections: LIEberman shows his true colors

But RevRob is right on it, with his wonderful cartoon:

Isn't that just beautiful? It's finally beginning to draw people's attention, that LIEberman is nothing but a sleazy, lying, neocon AIPAC whore who will sell his butt to any bidder. Of course, now that he's lent a little Joementum to McCain's listing campaign, he'll probly sink it in double-quick time.

The fact is, LIEberman doesn't care in the least about the Democratic party, about America, about the law, about the constitution. All he cares about is his money, power, status, and Israel. And I'm not sure about the last item on that list, because if he truly cared about the state of Israel, he would work for a lasting peace in the middle-east that would enable Israel to remain peaceful, safe, and prosperous. Instead, he does everything he can to start new wars, threatening Israel's very existence - the schmuck.

And then he finds toadies like supposed "democratic consultant" Bob Beckel to go shill on that conservative haven, Faux News, for him. Raw Story tells us:
In a Monday appearance on Fox News, longtime Democratic operative Bob Beckel said that MoveOn's successful push to see Lieberman defeated in his 2006 primary race was now coming back to bite Democrats.

"This is the Democrats pay for and others who drove Joe Lieberman out of the party," said Beckel. "They campaigned against him actively and raised money against him and he was beaten in the Democratic primary. ... now we're paying the price and all I can say is 'a pox on their house."
Say whatever you want, you toothless old mumbler. HoJoe LIEberman drove himself out of the party - when two-thirds of his constituents wanted an end to the Iraq war, he supported Chimperor McWitless in every aspect of that miserable unplanned illegal immoral war of occupation. He lied during the primary but lost the people's support anyway. Then he cheated and lied and shilled throughout the election and narrowly won the vote, only to repudiate his constituents yet again.

It's not MoveOn who have forced HoJoe to abstain from any inquiry into the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's not MoveOn who have forced HoJoe to proffer up the amendment that treats a sovereign nation's armed forces as a terrorist organization. While the House investigates thoroughly all the recent disasters for which the Chimperor is responsible, the Senate committees it seems can barely muster enough energy to pull their collective thumb out of their collective rear end. And the blame for that rightly rests on Lieberman, not on MoveOn.

Are you trying to tell me, Mr. Beckel, that a politician should place his own petty resentments above the good of the party and the country?

As for driving HoJoe out of the party, you need to do your research. He has reregistered as a Democrat. Probably only to give the worst of the Republicans a little political cover, but then again.

And why exactly are you airing all this noise on Faux News, Mr. Beckel? Why not go on some program that has a little genuine journalistic integrity? That might ask you some real questions? Eh?

A pox on both your houses. Whatta pair of putzes.

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At 9:18 PM, Blogger Rob said...

I say a pox in LIEberman! He should be impeached.


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