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Friday, December 14, 2007

Women's Rights: KBR's Rape Scorecard

Update: Latest news after the congressional hearing available here and here.

So, exactly how many women were sexually assaulted by KBR employees in Iraq, anyway? I mean, is there an epidemic going on that we should know about?

Because, according to the Justice Department, approximately one-third of rapes and sexual assaults are even reported, and the number successfully prosecuted is surely lower. Not all reported cases go to court.

At any rate, Victim No. 2 has just stepped up to say she, like Jamie Leigh Jones, was raped while working for KBR in Iraq. In that case, the rape kit that was used to secure evidence that Jones was raped (and that could have been instrumental in convicting her rapists) was turned over to KBR/Halliburton by the U.S. State Department.

You have to wonder how high up her ass Condi Rice's head is. Anyone else out there got a story to tell? Step right up!

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