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Friday, December 14, 2007

Politics: MSMedia's "Inevitable" Candidate

Latest Update below.

Looks like Hillary Clinton is rapidly losing ground to Barack Obama. Is that good or bad? There's a lot about Clinton that we don't care for, but Obama is not our preferred choice either. This time, however, it seems as if Clinton is sinking due to issues that are not entirely her fault. Quite frankly, it seems as if she is not at all being judged on the issues.

What issues, you ask? Try these:
  • She's a woman. If elected, she would be the first woman in America to achieve the rank of President. That is stirring up sentiment on all sides, some positive, some negative.
  • Her run for the presidency, after four years of BushI, eight years of her husband, and eight years of BushII, is just too dynastic. If Chimpy McTwit had served only four years and someone else had been president in between, her chances would be a lot better. Right now, the people are disenchanted with their government, the power structure, the stealing of their votes, the dirty tricks of the past eight years. And, unfortunately, Clinton is associated with it because the "blame Clinton" mouthbreathers have been pounding that meme for over a decade.
  • Her husband. Hillary Rodham Clinton would probably have made a better president than Bill Clinton, but she couldn't run for the office 16 years ago. She lacked the experience, and the climate wasn't right. She couldn't run instead of Bill 12 years ago - there was too much resentment of the Clintons. And she would never have won against Idiot McChimpface eight years ago. Now it seems as if the time will never be right for her to run. But things may change.
  • Her centrist placement, at a time when two-thirds of the nation is almost desperate for a change. People are not responding well to her campaign's cautious, poll-driven focus, although at another time such a strategy might make sense.
Oh, well. Wisconsin's shift of support to Barack Obama should not be allowed to feed into the "everybody hates Hillary" meme. Lots of people don't. By anointing her early in the game, the mainstream media fed a lot of anger against her. Anger at the "inevitability" of the whole electoral process. Now that she's the underdog, sympathy might well move votes her way again.

Raw Story has posted the letter from the Wyoming Democratic Party chair explaining why the party is backing Barack Obama. A mitzvah for Barack.

Hey, how come all the koolaid-drinking mouthbreathers who endlessly harp on the lie that Barack is a Muslim never once mention the fact that he has the same name as the Israeli Defense Minister?

Update: One thing I've never liked about Clinton is her penchant for attacking fellow-Democrats. The Republicans have a lot going against them, but one thing that works in their favour, even if it's dangerously close to creating a lockstep mentality is, they save all their criticism for people outside the Republican party.

At any rate, apparently some Iowa Clinton campaign workers are walking off the job in disgust. Raw Story has the details.

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At 1:25 PM, Blogger Ms. Manitoba said...

Not everyone hates her. There was some pundit from Iowa on the radio this morning ... in Iowa too but actually from Iowa who said that a lot of people responded favorably to Clinton's remark about Americans feeling like their on a trap door -- the subject was federal govt. fiscal responsibility.


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