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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Social Justice: Thanks A Lot, Bill O'Lielly

Thanks to you and your moronic mouth-breathing myrmidons, your fellow Christains now feel it's OK to hate and beat up on anyone who doesn't look or sound like a white Christain.

Jesus is spinning in his grave.

Raw Story reports that a group of Jewish subway riders in New York City who had the temerity to respond to the Xmas greetings of a bunch of racist Christains with "Happy Hanukkah" were attacked with vile anti-Jewish epithets and beaten. Police arrested the ten offenders, who all pleaded not guilty despite the fact that the two men and two women attacked had bruises and welts on their faces and heads.

One of the men involved in the attack, Joseph Jirovec, yelled racial epithets at and beat two black youths last year. He pleaded guilty to a hate crime as a result.

Jirovec's lawyer had the gall to insist his client would never do what he did, because his mother was Jewish. I believe his mother is currently dead. No doubt she is rotating in her grave like a corkscrew too.

Throw his punk ass in jail. Maybe a steady diet of dick will calm him down for a while.

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