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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Social Justice: Alexis Goggins

This beautiful child - seven-year-old Alexis Goggins of Detroit - is a very special hero, or Hera if you prefer, in tribute to the goddess. Alexis' mother unfortunately got involved with a crazy, nasty man as women often do due to the tremendous shortage of uncrazy nice men in the world. The crazy nasty man, one Calvin Tillie, a convicted felon, decided when Alexis' mother dumped his worthless ass that shooting her was the appropriate response.

You've heard people say, "So-and-so took a bullet for whathisface," haven't you? Probably a million times. Well, that's usually a metaphorical bullet. Little Alexis Goggins took six real, literal bullets to protect her mother. When the lunatic ex-boyfriend carjacked Alexis, her mother Selietha Parker, and her mother's friend, he fired at Selietha, hitting her twice. Alexis threw herself on her mother's body, begging the fucking lunatic not to hurt her mother. Whereupon the crazy bastard shot her six times.

As a result of the shooting, she has lost one eye. What makes Alexis' actions truly heroic is that she suffered a massive stroke as an infant, which left her with a limp and a classification of "special needs child." She may be disabled, but her courage is not. If someone was pointing a gun at your mother, relative or friend, would you have the courage to take the bullet(s) for them, literally?

Alexis is currently recovering from surgeries on her eye, arm, and jaw performed Friday December 7th. A fund has been set up to pay her medical bills and living expenses. Here are the details:
Checks should be made out to the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund and sent to Campbell Elementary School in care of the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund, 2301 E Alexandrine St, Detroit, 48207. For information, call (313) 494-2052.
This little girl deserves recognition and honour for her bravery. She deserves the best Christmas ever. She deserves coverage by the media (which, of course, is too busy reporting on every enlarged belly of every actress and model who ever lived to pay attention to the REAL news). If you can find it in your heart and wallet to send money her way, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. If you haven't the wherewithal, write or call your local fishwrap and tell them to give a few inches of column space to this heartwarming story.

It's a shame that we still hear endless reportage about Natalee Holloway, and not one word about this wonderful little girl.

A thousand thanks to ContentBlackWoman of Why Black Women Are Angry for pointing me to this story and getting me off my lazy duff. Check out her blog for more information on Alexis and for CBW's own interesting eye for the news.

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