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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Politics: Keeping Minority Candidates In The Race

For reasons that escape us, there seems to be a concerted effort by various groups - the mainstream media being one of the worst offenders - to keep certain candidates out of the news and the debates. Information about them is always disparaging (as opposed to the slobbering paeans of praise lavished on more mainstream candidates). They're dismissed out of hand. And now, it appears that Dennis Kucinich will be excluded from the Iowa debates.

That's simply unacceptable. It's up to the people to decide who the next president will be. Let us hear them all - Kucinich, Gravel, Paul, even Alan Keyes (disclaimer: we disagree with all his positions and simply do not support him for any elected office). Let us hear them and decide for ourselves.

If you feel that Kucinich has been unfairly excluded from the Iowa debates, register your concern here.

To quote IndependentPrimary, who sent that link:
Given the challenges America faces right now, we need more debate and dialogue - not less. Yet the party insiders are moving to shut things down.

Independent voters and independent-minded Democrats and Republicans aren't going to let them.

We're sending a petition to Party Chairs Howard Dean and Mike Duncan.

The message: We need your intervention to keep the debates open.

Can you take a moment to take a stand for democracy?
To sign the petition, click here.

Go to it, folks. We deserve to hear every candidate.

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