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Monday, December 17, 2007

Social Justice: Alexis Goggins Goes International

Alexis with her mother, Seleithia Parker

It's a scandal and a shame, and a sad day indeed, but outside of Detroit, few papers are covering the story of heroic little Alexis Goggins, the seven-year-old girl who saved her mother's life.

Alexis will celebrate her seventh Christmas in a hospital because the jackass loser whom her mother dumped as soon as she realized he was a psychopathic loon fired seven shots into Alexis' tiny body as she desperately tried to shield her mother from danger.

Alexis started life with several counts against her. As an infant, she suffered a massive cerebral stroke which left her with a limp and labeled as a "special-needs" child. She is an epileptic, and she has worked hard to overcome her disabilities. Most important, she is a true hero. She shielded her mother's body with her own when the crazed Kelvin Tillie attempted to kill her mother. As a result of her incredibly courageous act of sacrifice, she has lost one eye, and is in hospital recovering from multiple surgeries with more to come.

And hardly any one's talking about her at all. Except, now, for the Guardian, which today carried her story. And the International Herald Tribune.

It makes us happy to be able to tell Content Black Woman over at Why Black Women Are Angry that some papers are finally covering this story.

Meanwhile, if you have a little Xmas dosh, instead of tossing it away on commercial crap that will probably go into the garbage before next Xmas, send it to Alexis. Details of her fund:
Checks should be made out to the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund and sent to Campbell Elementary School in care of the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund, 2301 E Alexandrine St, Detroit, 48207. For information, call (313) 494-2052.
And keep an eye out for more coverage about Alexis and the man who nearly killed her, Kelvin Tillie. Who is definitely headed for a jail sentence and, if there is a God, a very very warm place thereafter.

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At 8:39 PM, Blogger Content Black Woman said...

Thanks so much for the heads up Political Cat. With the international community starting to give attention to this story, maybe more mainstream media in the U.S. will be shamed into doing more coverage on it.

Good lookin' out!



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