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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Looking at that picture gives all of us here at Casa de Los Gatos the shivers bigtime. Sheesh. The existing residents can barely be counted on to pass one peaceful day without snarling, hissing, growling, or pissing at each other. We hope to deity that shot was taken at the local shelter and not someone's house. That's just too many cats to have to take care of.

Ask Bandicoot. He's on antibiotics now for a bacterial respiratory infection that's making his eyes tear, which means he gets regular hot water bottles, warm face washes, eye wipes, and pills twice a day. Luckily, he's a sweet little puddin' cat who can be pilled single-handed.

Everyone else is fine, but while petting Madu recently, we found multiple lumps and bumps on him (that boy just lerves to get into fights) and we actually removed a cat claw that had become embedded in his thick head!

At least they're not bringing in dead mice just yet. Faugh!

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