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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Human Rights: Burma

In response to my post on the abysmal junta in Burma, commenter bourgeois nievete takes me to task, and deservedly:

Bourgeois Nievete said...

Thanks for the idea that Mr. Pinheiro loan one of his testicle to our Democratic Party. I think he could get a few from the Republicans since they aren't using any of theirs on Burma either. Perhaps congress could use a bit more ova too? Any donors?
BTW the Dems are the only ones putting forth any legislation on Burma.
Please check out the Burma News Ladder.

Sir or Madam, you're quite correct. The Republicans ain't even talking about Burma. It's just that I expect Democrats, as the party of something other than frothing mad people, to do more. The Burma News Ladder is a good site to visit if you want to update yourself on the horrors of Burma today.

We must fight this monster. At home and abroad. The Misadministration's abrogation of human rights has shown our allies and enemies, from Israel to Burma, that they can do what we do with impunity. After all, who are we to take them to task? They're doing nothing more or less than what the madmen in power in this country are doing.

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