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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Politics: The Bush Dogs Must Go

Here we are in the middle of a mortgage meltdown, and the Democrats - some Democrats - are stepping up to the plate with solutions that will benefit the consumer and homeowner.

But, lo! What have we here? Why it's the Bush Dogs, the yellow-bellied bootlicking poodles of the Democratic party rolling over to make common cause with K Street lobbyists and big businesses and anti-consumer interests.

Open Left names them:

Lincoln Davis, John Tanner, Tim Mahoney, Jim Matheson, Alan Boyd, Jim Marshall, David Scott, Melissa Bean, Mike Ross, Baron Hill, Mike Thompson, Bart Gordon, Stephanie Herseth, Charlie Melancon, Dan Boren

These are the people we must get rid of if we are to have our country back. They are nothing more than weasels. They will not keep faith with the electorate. Matt Stoller of Open Left puts it best:
It's time to understand that Bush Dogs are part of a working conservative majority. They are not our friends, they are not our allies, they are political opponents who want to bail out wealthy investors and hurt people trapped in subprime mortgage markets. Politically, they are also the people hurting Democratic capacity to differentiate ourselves as populists and capture swing areas and exurban Republicans hurt by the housing meltdown.

... there is no strong grassroots movement in conservative districts on behalf of big banks. These people are simply whores for credit card companies and banking interests building profitable de facto debtors prisons.
He's right, you know. Nothing but a bunch of sleazy whores.

A cute dog takes on a Bush dog ... toy

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