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Monday, November 05, 2007

Politics: Democrats Bend Over, Bring Own Lube

Gah! I can't believe this. I don't want to believe this. Via Raw Story, Roll Call reports that
Democratic leaders in Congress are quietly preparing to give President Bush essentially everything he wants to keep the Iraq war going for at least another six months without forcing any change in course.
Another SIX MONTHS??!! How many more dead soldiers? How many more dead Iraqis? How many wounded, maimed, broken in body and mind? How many, you worthless sacks of shit?
"Democratic leaders continue to fear GOP attacks that cutting off or slowing funds would hurt the troops, despite anger among the Democratic base over the party’s failure to use Congress’ power of the purse to end the war," reports the Capitol Hill newspaper's Steven T. Dennis.
They're afraid of 24 per cent of the nation. The trashcan of loonies. That's who they fear. Unbelievable.

A WaPoo/ABC poll shows that three-quarters of the nation is deeply pessimistic about the state of the nation. Three-quarters of democrats and independents and half of all republicans want the next president to chart a different course. Sixty per cent of all the people polled say the Iraq war was "not worth fighting."

So what in hell are the Democrats scared of?

Just yesterday, gunmen murdered a top adviser to the Iraqi Finance Minister in an ambush. And we want to keep pouring money into this hellhole? Money that should be going to the strengthening of New Orleans' levees, the rebuilding of America's infrastructure, the provision of universal health care to the 40-million-plus who are uninsured. Money that should be used to fix our roads, our bridges, our schools, our hospitals. We're throwing it away to appease an ex-druggie alcoholic fratboy who doesn't know reality from fantasy, and the 24 out of every 100 people who agree with him because their collective IQ is below room temperature.

While flipping off the remaining 74 out of 100 people who are sick to death of this war, who want their friends, neighbours, kids, parents, schoolmates to come home alive and well.

We need better meds. We need them in the nation's drinking water. Now. How come the citizens of Georgia can turn out in their hundreds of thousands to surround their parliament when they want to be heard, but apathetic American sheeple sit quietly in front of the TV swallowing every new injustice that is foisted upon them and their hapless children?

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At 3:09 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Something not in the news but that needs to be stopped asap---the proposed, and impending--demolition of approx 5000 units of public housing in N.O. Demolition was to have begun on 19 Nov., but is temporarily deferred thanks to a class-action suit.

Why shouldn't they be demolished? They are structurally sound, according to John Fernandez, Assoc Prof of Architecture at MIT who went to examine the buildings. The majority of them were inhabited before Katrina. More units will exist with renovation of these buildings than would under proposed replacement construction, which has not begun. Communities existed there, and despite their bad reputation among some in N.O., the buildins provided housing for a lot of working people who want and need to return, and who had valid leases and current rent before the storm. That argument is about the social situation, but when the question is whether or not to demolish, the deciding criterion should be--"Are they structurally sound?" All kinds of uses are possible given sound buildings, and the cost of renovating these buildings would be many millions less than demolition and new construction. Look into the story--"Justice for New Orleans", The Advancement Project, Common Ground Coalition, HR 1227 and SB 1668. See what happened when the 'redevelopment' approach was used on the St. Thomas project (google "St Thomas"). The HR seems to say that demolition can only occur under certain circumstances, but it was about to proceed nevertheless.


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