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Monday, November 05, 2007

Politics: Enough Already With 'One Last Chance'

Chairman John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee is ready to file contempt charges against White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten and ex-White House Fluffer-in-Chief Harriet Miers, says Raw Story.

But not without giving those worthless, unaccountability-loving sods one last chance. You know, I do understand why he's doing this. After all the manufactured outrage and hysterical rabble-rousing the Republican congress engaged in during the Clinton years, Democrats are bending over backwards trying to ensure that they come off as fair, impartial, not partisan loons.

But, lookit, fellas, it's not going to work. The howling dogs of the right-wing, the insane 28% who still believe in Bush, will try to smear you no matter how fair you are. So you can't make them happy, you can't satisfy them, and the time has come, for cryin' out loud, to put your feets down! Take a goddamn stand! Do what Bill Maher says - grow a testicle or ovary. Just one. It's not too much to ask.

For Maher's wonderful rant on the lack of testicular (ovarian) fortitude in Congress, visit Raw Story right here.

Sez Conyers:
“I have written to you on eight previous occasions attempting to reach agreement on this matter ... . As we submit the Committee’s contempt report to the full House, I am writing one more time to seek to resolve this issue on a cooperative basis.”
Shrieking Shiva. This reminds me of those pathetic wastes of oxygen who call themselves parents, visible these days in any grocery store, shopping mall, or other gathering of sheeple, who try to negotiate with their toddlers. "I mean it, ToffeApple. I told you, one more time ... C'mon, honey. Mommy's going to count to three. One, two, three, four, ... two hundred."

Give it up already. Nobody wants you to beat your children, but kids are not as stupid as you people seem to think. The way to enforce discipline on children is to let them know you mean what you say. If you say you'll count to three, on the count of three, you deliver whatever consequence you promised them would ensue. You don't keep counting for the umpteenth time.

Similarly, if the lunatics in the White House see that everytime they flip you off they get away with it, what's to stop them from flipping you off again and again? Why the hell not? There's no consequences, just vague threats followed by backing down and apologies and grovelling.

Get up off the ground. Quit grovelling. Give those motherfuckers a deadline, and when they don't comply throw the Almighty Book of Righteous Wrath right at their goddamned heads. Because that's the only way you'll ever get them to stop telling the American People to fuck off. And no one deserves accountability more than that crew of crooks and liars.

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