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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Politics: Nepotism Profits Bush Brothers

Neil Bush who, thanks to his daddy George H.W. and his big brother Jeb, managed to rake in a ton of bucks in the Silverado Savings & Loan scandal and escape unscathed, has done it again. The NYT has unearthed evidence that the Inspector-General of the Department of Education is about to examine whether the purchase of materials from Bush's company was inappropriately made with federal education funds. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. After all, this is the same Neil Bush who got $2 million worth of stock in Grace Semiconductor plus $10,000 per board meeting attended just for being on the Board. It's not like he's ever done anything useful or successful in his life except peddle his name and his family connections. Between being bribed with prostitutes and charging $60,000 for answering the phone (Crest Investment), Neil sure has it good. Don't you wish you could get paid $60k a year plus free quim plus $2m in stock options plus $10k for just bothering to show up somewhere?
... critics in Texas contend that school districts are buying Ignite’s signature product, the Curriculum on Wheels, because of political considerations. The product, they said, does not meet standards for financing under the No Child Left Behind Act, which allocates federal money to help students raise their achievement levels, particularly in elementary school reading.
What??? Why, that's almost as bad as suggesting Barbara Bush donated money for Katrina victims only on condition that it be used to buy Neil's company's products. What's that? You say that's exactly what she did? Oh. OK.
Melanie Sloan, executive director of [CREW], referring to No Child Left Behind, said: “A constant principle of N.C.L.B. is that children must be taught using scientifically proven methods. Ignite’s Cows simply don’t meet N.C.L.B. standards. This suggests that the real reason N.C.L.B. funds are expended on Ignite is because the founder and C.E.O. is the president’s brother.”
Gee. This is almost as sleazy as finding out that a company that previously employed Jeb Bush and continued to be a big Republican donor supplied defective pumps to the city of New Orleans in a $32 million no-bid contract.

Gosh, the Bush family sure has made some stupendous profits from the taxpayer, hasn't it? And not a one of them has volunteered for George's war in Iraq. What a shame. Neil's son Pierce, carrying on a family tradition

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