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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Iraq - Now That Everyone' s Saying It

Can we please bring the troops home already?

At this point, the only people who say (we don't know what they think) the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq is going swimmingly are Shrubya, BetrayUs, and a small cadre of the mentally defective.

The generals who directed the war think it's going badly. Army captains recently penned a piece in the Wha Poo telling us it ain't working. Rank and file soldiers are deserting, opting for CO status, speaking out against this morass, even killing themselves to avoid military service. Popular TV shows are railing against it.

And now a prominent journalist tells it like it really is. Jay Leno interviewed Lara Logan, CBS' foreign correspondent covering Iraq.
"How are we doing [in Iraq] from your point of view?" Leno asked.

"We're doing extremely badly," Logan replied. She said that because of the suppression of pictures of American casualties, most people have no idea how bad things are.
Watch the video.

We must stop this war!

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