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Monday, October 15, 2007

Iraq - Polish Bases Targeted In South

From Reuters comes this report of Shia militants vowing to step up pressure against Polish bases in southern Iraq - until recently held by British forces - followed by mortar and machinegun attacks.
On Sunday Reuters obtained a copy of a video in which two previously unknown Shi'ite groups claimed responsibility for attacks on Poland's ambassador and its embassy and warned Polish troops to leave Iraq "before you drown in its swamp".
Previously unknown Shi'ite groups. So the U.S. military, which has been remarkably deceptive about everything happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, can no longer continue to try and bamboozle the people of the world.

Despite Bush The Lesser's claims to the contrary, Al Qaeda in Iraq did not exist until after the illegal U.S. invasion, and has never been the main source of the strife. There are multiple splinter groups, not to mention the main factions of the Sunni, Shia, and Kurds, warring for supremacy in various areas. Now that the British military has effectively pulled out of Basra, the insurgents have set their sights on the Polish military south of Diwaniya. It's starting to look worse for the U.S. military. Not much of a coalition left, and although these attacks did relatively minor damage to the Poles, if more attacks and more damage occur, public sentiment in Poland will likely force a pullout of Polish troops.
Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski has vowed to keep Polish troops in southern Iraq despite the attack on the ambassador earlier this month.

The ambassador was wounded in a triple bomb attack on his diplomatic convoy in Baghdad in which one Polish secret service officer and a passerby were killed. Five days later a car bomb killed two people near Poland's Baghdad embassy.

Monday's attacks come days ahead of an October 21 parliamentary election in Poland in which Kaczynski, a strong U.S. ally, faces a challenge from opposition parties who want to pull Polish troops out of Iraq.
Iceland has already withdrawn its troop, and the Australian government of Howard looks shaky, given the rise of anti-war sentiment in that nation. Chimpy does have a way of destroying his friends' and supporters' careers, so I expect Howard will go down in flames, Australia will withdraw its troops, and the UK is on schedule to withdraw its military, so Americans will be left to die in the sands of Iraq, because Chimpy McTardibus will never, ever, ever withdraw. After all, it's not his, or his friends', kids dying out there.

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