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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Iraq - British Lawyers Sue Ministry Of Defense

Photograph courtesy of The Memory Hole

British lawyers acting on behalf of Iraqi detainees who were tortured and killed by British military personnel are about to present evidence to the high court that includes witness statements, death certificates, and a video showing bodies being transported to a hospital in Amara and bodybags being opened, according to the Guardian.
The MoD said at the time that 14 Iraqis were known to have been killed but that there could have been more.

Witnesses said that between nine and 15 others were rounded up and taken to a British base near Amara, 13 miles to the north. The following day at least nine were transferred to the Shaibah detention centre near Basra.


In another witness statement also taken last month in Damascus, Khuder al-Sweady, who describes himself as a laboratory doctor, claims the genitals of one dead man, Haidar al-Lami, had been mutilated.
What kind of beastly behaviour is this? Disgusting.

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