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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Human Rights - The Real Cost Of Immigration Policy

Seems to me the only time we hear people whining about immigration is when their own comfort is somehow affected. But do they target the people responsible for their discomfort? The big multinational corporations that ship hundreds of thousands of decent paying jobs overseas to be performed by prison labour and slave labour while simultaneously insisting on huge tax breaks and multimillion dollar salaries and bonuses for the executive echelon?

No, their wrath is aimed at the illegals from Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, who toil in the fields for a pittance, and often end up unpaid and turned in to the authorities to be deported.

Apples are coming in, along with other fall crops, over the next month or so. Get ready for food prices to shoot up to the point where you're spending your entire income on housing, health care, transportation, and food. In short order. Here's a little-covered story from the International Herald Tribune to help you along your way.
"We have three billion apples to pick this fall and every single one of them has to be picked by hand," Gregg said. "It's a very labor-intensive industry, and there is no local labor supply that we can draw from, as much as we try. No one locally really wants to pick apples for six weeks in the fall."
No, no one wants to sweat for eight or ten hours a day doing hard physical labour in a nonunion job with no guarantees, no minimum wage, no breaks, and no opportunity for advancement.

A guest worker program will not solve this labour shortage. While the California Republican Party hires "consultants" who are in this country illegally, for jobs in the six figures, we don't want to allow workers in to pick our crops and guarantee them a little decency so we can load our tables with nature's bounty.


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