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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Social Justice - Further Update on Jena

Photo from jstheater
In the interest of fairness, I just read another person's opinion on the Jena 6, and am obliged to link to their post with an update. The author is one Eddie Thompson, a pastor, who claims he was interviewed by Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune (but did not link to any story that might verify his claim). The author claims to have forced the story of the Jena 6 onto the national stage. I can't verify the claims.

However, I did find the author's tone reasonable, and he did offer a different perspective on the whole incident. I have no way of verifying his statements. I have a day job, which does not afford me time to schlep to Louisiana to check him out, nor do I have the urge to contact him upon discovering that he is a, um, rather fundamentalist pro-Bush, anti-woman, right-wing type person. I probably should swallow my prejudice against the anti-science pro-bush people, but I have too much else to do in my life that I find more worthy of my time and efforts.

I do take his point that news coverage in this country has turned into such a fucking circus that one ought to eye anything reported by the mainstream media with a healthy dose of suspicion.

At any rate, I think he has a few good points. However, as one of his commenters pointed out, the number of nooses is hardly an issue. The fact that there were nooses at all is what's important here.

It still does not change my opinion of this whole fiasco. The DA should never have charged the black kids with attempted murder, and Mychal Bell should not be jailed pending the outcome of his appeal.

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