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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Interspecies Comity

It was hard writing the blog post about Israel. Truthful and necessary, but hard.

So now for some interspecies comity. May all beings learn to live in peace with each other (yes, I do understand that lions will still eat lambs, and that's OK).

Ananova tells us a story of a chihuahua in China who has adopted a chicken. I love this type of story, because it speaks to me of the oneness of life. We can move beyond our limitations, we can work to overcome our instincts, we can love other beings, even those that our biology tells us are our prey, or our enemies.
Huahua took charge of the chick as soon as owner Liu Bangyang's daughter brought it home.

She regards the chick as her baby and stands guard to make sure it comes to no harm, reports the Chongqing Morning News.

And, whenever the chick strays too far, Huahua picks it up gently in her mouth and puts it back in its cot.

Liu, from Guiyang city, Guizhou province, said: "We'll try our best to raise the little chicken, if that's what Huahua wants."
I'll admit, the chicken looks a bit miffed, but it is so sweet that Huahua's people are accommodating her, and so sweet that the little doggy has adopted the chicken.

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