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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Don't turn your back on the Democrats!

The great thing about blogging is you get to refer people to other blogs. You get to champion other people who write great stuff. Case in point: Charles Pierce of Media Matters. This past Friday, he wrote a piece that was so biting and dead on ... so aligned with my feelings and thoughts.

Here's an excerpt:
Not to put too fine a point on it, but has anybody checked to see if Harry Reid is, you know, actually alive? Conscious? Ambulatory? Clothed and in his right mind? Put a mirror under his nose for a second, will you? If you're keeping score at home, the Democratic majority of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body this week failed to get the WGDB to pass a bill to give overstretched soldiers what amounts to their statutorily required stateside respite. It also found itself unable to endorse the general concept of habeas corpus, thereby putting the WGDB somewhere up the track behind John Lackland of England on the subject of civil liberties. It also then -- with six more votes than it was able to muster for soldier's relief, and with 22 Democratic senators forming a eunuch chorus -- resolutely got pissed off at a newspaper ad. This last, while infinitely more trivial, will be infinitely more significant, for a number of reasons:

1) It manages to put the Democratic majority in the Senate on record as whacking around some of the party's most dedicated activists and most enthusiastic donors.

2) It gives a win to a rodeo clown like John (Box Turtle) Cornyn.

3) It gives the elite political press another chapter in the story it's been chewing on for the past 20 years -- that the Democrats are nervous about their left-wing base, which will enable the cats 'n kittens to ignore the fact that the Republican base, which has been driving the crazy train since the turn of the century, holds positions embraced in many cases by a whopping one-third of the population. (Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani were down in Florida this week, for pity's sake, proudly pandering to the lunatic dead-enders in the Terri Schiavo case as though that wasn't one of the biggest political fiascos of the past 20 years.) It prevents them from being forced to write about gutted civil liberties and exhausted soldiers, neither of which most of the elite political press give a rat's ass about.

4) It was utterly unnecessary. First of all, it's pointless to respond every time someone flings poo out of the conservative monkeyhouse. It's what happens in a monkeyhouse. You duck and walk away to go watch the penguins. Secondly, it has been argued that the MoveOn ad was a "tactical" mistake. In what way? What tactical advantage did the Republicans gain from it? Every damn poll since General Petraeus set all the dogs and ponies to dancing shows that nothing he said moved the needle an inch in terms of support for the war. The country, you should pardon the expression, had MOVED ON. Certainly, Republican poo-flinging wasn't going to change that. The country hates the war, hates this president, and isn't particularly fond of his party. It hates the Democratic Congress because that Congress doesn't hate the war, the president, and his party enough.

To read all of it, go to Media Matters, Slacker Friday for Sept.21, 2007.

Yes, and as another writer for Media Matters points out: Remember when Colin Powell argued at the U.N. about why it was right for the U.S. to invade Iraq? 'member? And we were all supposed to respect his office and position and integrity and believe him without question? Oh, yes, many journalists went soft then. Another General Betrayus.

I guess the Democrats think we're idiots. But we are watching. Listening. Thinking. Just wait, Dems. Your house of cards ... the slightest breeze ... and, woe to you, global warming is bringing on the hurricanes and tornadoes.

The Republicans? They are corrupt beyond belief. Beyond the beyond.

More choices are coming our way. Real choices.

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