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Sunday, September 16, 2007

"The more we see of men, the more we love dogs."

Image by Heidi Priesnitz


About your earlier post about war with Iran ...

Is that really possible? Another war? I want to just argue with you PolCat. Argue and argue. Because, of course, I don’t want it to happen. Plus, if I believe you ... I may start believing other things ... like ... okay, if they start a war with Iran, isn’t that weird to do when they just have a year and a bit left in power. But then my mind races ... is that true? Or are they planning other things for THIS country. Like ... not giving up power. Like if they start a war and it becomes really horrible they might say “We have to stay in power. It’s too dangerous to pass leadership on to someone new. They don’t have the experience that we have.” [Yeah, the experience to fuck things up sooooooo badly ...]

And, if this happens, what will the citizenry of this country do? The evidence points to complacency, non?

If there’s another war, where will they get the cannon fodder from? Will they start the draft? But wait, if they do that, people will march in the streets ... won’t they? Maybe not. Not if the Bushies put that spin on it ... “It’s a fight for our very survival as a nation!!!” Who will march against that? Too much of our citizenry has bought Bushie’s propoganda from the past.

But wait ... Bush’s popularity is down down down. It’s not like Hitler’s. He was popular. I dunno ... Maybe the Bushies have a plan to increase his popularity. Then again, maybe they don’t. Maybe they don’t care.

Pondering ...

"The more we see of men, the more we love dogs."
-- from a story told by the singer and activist, Utah Phillips, about that dog of the rails, Queenie.

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