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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Democrats Being Disingenuous: They Can End the Iraq War!

Perusing the newspapers you’ll read things like:
“ Majority Democrats in Congress are unable to muster enough votes to force an end to the war, so they are hoping to win Republican support with legislation to limit the mission of U.S. forces to training Iraq's military and police ...”

“ ... although they control Congress, they lack the large majorities needed to force the president to change strategy.”

“Senate Democratic leaders are revising proposals to end the Iraq war in hopes that a compromise with wavering Republicans can be found, Democratic leadership sources said Friday... Senate Democrats need 60 votes to avoid a Republican filibuster and get any plan to a vote. It would take 67 votes to override a presidential veto...”

These newspapers, and the Democrats themselves minus John Edwards, make it sound like they have very little power.

Folks, don’t buy it. The Democrats are being disingenuous. Members of Congress can vote to stop funding the war. And they only need 41 votes! Please write to your representative in Congress and ask them to stop funding the war.

Want to see you your representatives are? Click here.

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