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Monday, August 06, 2007

Politics - Hypocrisy Abounds

Idiotograph courtesy of Raw Story

Did Rep. John Boner (R-Idiotistan) really shoot his mouth off to Faux News and blab a bunch of classified information?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, it appears he did.

CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)has requested an investigation. Of course, they've requested it of the Abu G. show, aka the Injustice Department. Good luck, fellas. We won't hold our breath.
CREW cites a July 31 interview Boehner gave on Fox News.

"There's been a ruling, over the last four or five months, that prohibits the ability of our intelligence services and our counterintelligence people from listening in to two terrorists in other parts of the world where the communication could come through the United States," Boehner said.
Oy, what a schmuck. But what do you expect from someone with a deep-orange tan?

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